Family Pet Center

Pet birds, Products & Bird Grooming

Birds can be amazing to watch and interact with, and you want them as healthy as can be.  A Family Pet Center has everything you need for your fine feathered friend.  We have a large selection of hand raised birds from parakeets to macaws.

Grandma the Parrot

  • Brand Name Bird Foods (HarrisonHigginsKaytee, LafeberZupreem, and much more)
  • Treats (Seed sticks, seed bells, Nutri-berries, Bulk fruits, nuts and grains, cuttlebones, spray millet, etc.)
  • Toys (Wood, leather, beads, bells, mirrors, in all sizes and for all types of birds)
  • Vet Care (Vitamins, supplements, wormers, antibiotics, mineral supplements, etc.)
  • Grooming (Bird baths, bath sprays, nail and wing clippers, mite control products, etc.)
  • Cages / Habitats (Practically priced, functional and beautiful designs)
  • Misc Items (Bird leashes, perches, and cage litter)


Come on in and see what we have for you!